strong position in a critical environment

As planning consultants and financial solutions providers, we were one of the first vendors that the αriston project commissioned work to. It is hard to forget the process and procedures of that commissioning, with requirements and questions that had never crossed our minds before. Every investigative discussion was like a small training session for us that either confirmed acquired knowledge or provided access to new knowledge. The resulting collaboration, and the experience of our participation in training sessions started to change us both personally and professionally. Whatever we feared in a "cunning market of lots of different measures" started to unfold and we found instantly applicable answers.

We developed the assertiveness required to be paid for our consultancy time, in a market where non-material service is unappreciated. Everybody tends to see you as "their pal", expecting invaluable advice over a cup of coffee.

We incorporated the self-explanatory methodology "plan, implementation, assessment, correctional action" into all our practices and adopted cost centre management formulas. We set boundaries. And then we realized that we acquired an international standard based trade policy. A policy that, in contrast with what we feared, was received with relief and a sense of security by our clients. The high quality of our service was ensured and acknowledged in a declared manner.

In six months we saw our revenue doubling up. In a chaotic market the αriston project was a rope for us to grab and hold on to. Most importantly, we proved to ourselves that it's the small and well planned steps that lead to spectacular results.