publishing engineering from Greece to the world

I moved to Greece from my homeland, the UK, in 1999. At the beginning I worked for the Greek branch of the same multinational publishing company I had worked for back in Oxford, UK. Up to that time, I had always worked for large companies andit had never crossed my mind to start my own business.

Yannis set up the αriston project in 2003. In the same year we founded Hyphen, an organization that carried out educational research and development, as well as providing publishing services to the industry. The deal was that Hyphen would fund the αriston project in its infancy. In return, Hyphen would act as the piloting scheme for all the developmental action and implementation practices that all the αriston project members now enjoy.

In Greece I often felt insecure due to a hostile uncertainty about everything. A system for healthy entrepreneurship was in place, even at an immature level, but people and their suspicion would just not let the system work. The results of that situation are painfully experienced in this country today. Applying the principles of the αriston project gave me a solid sense of protection, transparency and honesty through strictly technocratic approaches to every aspect of my business.

During the period of 2003 – 2011, the organization grew slowly and steadily. It acquired clients from all over the world and offered work to thousands of professionals in Greece and abroad. Many of those professionals were assessed on their transferrable skills and were trained in new professional applications. In 2010 Hyphen became an S.A. company (Société Anonyme). Ath this point, the αriston project had matured enough to hold its own productive entity in the market and become distinct from its pilot organization. Hyphen S.A. continues to thrive, specializing in educational and publishing engineering and development services.

I grew up believing that my purpose was simply to have a job. In the UK this is a predominant and commonly shared conviction. The αriston project helped me out of and beyond this. I learnt why in Greece having a "job" and a "profession" are two completely different things. I confidently took on my responsibilities and the challenges facing a developing organization and its employees, achieving previously unimaginable leaps of faith. I feel productive, creative and fulfilled, and I am rewarded for the time and knowledge I put into my work. This fulfillment is directly reflected in my family and loved ones.