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In every possible dimension of your entrepreneurial or professional activity, there are question marks and dead-ends that you will successfully surpass with the ROIedu programme. For every question in the menu below, there is a code to refer you to the respective training session.

Solutions and answers to vital questions

Business model for viability in a hostile financial environment

- What can I do with my loan? How can I manage banks, the State, tax authorities and social security? (HS-4)
- Are there any European funds I can take advantage of? Is this actually in my best interest? (HS-4 / HS-5)
- What should change with my day-to-day practices as to how I manage my input-output? (HS-1)
- How does the socio-political state of my market affect my business? How does it affect my associates, staff, vendors? How can I modify my practices to everybody's best interest? (HS-5 / SS-5)
- How can I manage my dead-base costs according to my revenue? (HS-1 / SS-5)
- Will I ever again be able to talk about growth of my enterprise to my clients? (HS-3 / HS-6)
- How can I ensure my income from non-reliable clients? (SS-1 / HS-2 / SS-2)
- Can a small enterprise like mine be competitive to larger enterprises in my market? (HS-3 / HS-5)
- Can small business survive in today's economic environment? (HS-3 / HS-5)
- How can I maintain my clientele? Why should they prefer my business to my competition? (HS-3 / SS-3)
- I constantly come across the challenge of being paid "under the table". Why is this not in anybody's best interest? (HS-1 / SS-1 / SS-4)


A successful model for the management of human resources and their cost

- Which groups of my team are considered as "productive human resources" and how to I calculate their productive cost? (HS-1 / HS-2)
- Is it possibly an one-way-ticket cutting down on HR and taking on their responsibilities? Are there any alternatives? (HS-1 / HS-2)
- How can I ensure satisfaction for associates and/or employees, by increasing their productivity at the same time? (HS-1 / HS-2 / HS-5)
- How can my staff's creativity and productivity "take off"? (HS-1 / SS-1 / HS-2 / SS-2)
- When is the relationship between an executive and an entrepreneur productive? (HS-2 / SS-2)
- How can an associate and/or client become a fan of my business? (HS-3 / SS-3)
- Who's "the supplier" and who's "the client" in my relationship with my staff? (HS-2 / SS-2)


Updating your methodology for building and implementing your training plan

- How up-to-date is my training plan according to the latest training trends? (HS-3 / HS-4)
- What criteria do I use to choose my suppliers? (HS-2 / SS-2 / HS-3)
- What can I add, remove or modify by in order to differentiate and diversify my product? (HS-3 / HS-5)
- How easily will my staff adapt to new trends? (HS-2 / SS-2 / SS-6)
- Is it worth investing in staff training? (HS-1 / HS-2 / SS-6)
- I fear that my staff will leave and use all the training I invested in for them. Should I really worry about that? (SS-2 / HS-4 / SS-6)


Client and end-user management

- How do I manage irrational client expectations? (SS-2 / HS-3 / SS-3 / SS-6)
- Who records and responds to difficult client cases? (HS-2 / SS-4 / SS-6)
- Who can be considered to be my company's policy's ambassador? (HS-6 / SS-6)
- How can I earn clients' trust? (SS-3 / SS-6)
- Can I make a loyal client over just a phone-call? (SS-1 / SS-5)
- Which are the stages of successful client service? (SS-3 / HS-5 / SS-5)
- Is there any specific method to keep me in continuous contact with my clients? (HS-3 / SS-6)
- I've just delivered to my client. Now what? (HS-3 / HS-6 / SS-6)


Leadership communication and quality of life

- I feel forced to manage just everything in my enterprise. I feel entrapped. Can I do anything about it? (HS-1 / HS-2 / SS-6)
- Everybody's expecting solutions from me. Can I go on like that or can I do something different? (HS-1 / HS-2 / SS-6)
- How can I delegate and by what criteria? (HS-1 / HS-2 / SS-2 / SS-6)
- I think I have successfully delegated. How can I monitor and follow up? (HS-1 / HS-2 / HS-3 / SS-6)
- Are there ways for me to control my business at my physical absence? (HS-2 / HS-3 / SS-6)
- What are the characteristics of the inspiring leader? (HS-6 / SS-6)
- How can I successfully communicate my business's vision to my staff? (HS-2 / HS-6 / SS-6)
- How can I ensure harmony between personal and professional life? (SS-1 / HS-3 / HS-6 / SS-6)


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