programme structure and areas


Productivity, measuring productivity, cost centre planning and management

Assertiveness: definition and development

Straightforward and immediately applicable practices and techniques you can abide to in order for you to raise yours and your business's revenue without looking out for superficial solutions and "magic wands".

- Show your staff and associates when they are being productive as opposed to "completing a task".
- When an investment is actually "worth it" and when it just costs.
- "Good" and "Much" are not the same. See for yourself when numbers lie regarding cash flow and liquidity of your business.

By completing this session, you can aim high with precision, following simple strategic steps that will enable you to reach your financial targets.



Managing human resources and their cost – Your employer is your client

Successful negotiations: definition and development

In every professional field there are different but equally consolidated perceptions and mentalities based on the "common practices" of each field (or otherwise, stereotypes).

How much can the quality of life of a professional or entrepreneur and those he/she serves be improved, by breaking stereotypes and applying alternative and scientifically documented practices?
- Practices and mentalities that "block" creativity and productivity
- Techniques to "free" the enterprise and "push" performance
- Methodology and ROI in dealing with those who serve your business

By completing this session you can make small and successful steps to raise awareness and quality of life for yourself and your staff.

"A fulfilled partner is a loyal and willing partner, always."


Session 3

Knowledge Management – From inception to ongoing growth with just one tool

"Business as usual": why has this approach failed?

Methodology and techniques for client, supplier and data management. How can you create growth opportunities for your business with minimal investment?

- Your service is unique!
- Give your client satisfaction through added value with zero investment
- Develop your client network into a fan club

By completing this session you will be able to differentiate your business against every competitor, develop a competitive customer service system and systematically provide up-to-date and high quality services to your market.



State, legislation, Tax authorities and Social security: A policy for the management of the state, legislation, tax authorities and social security

Ignorance – Compromise – Entrapment - Evacuation

Each and every entrepreneur comes across tens of challenges on a daily basis. However, the biggest challenge of all is to ensure his/her interests and viability during unpredictable and emergency situations generated by unstable state structures, public services or servants.

- Legislation: interpretation and management of
- Managing difficult people
- Managing difficult situations

By completing this session you will be able to develop personal skills in order to deal with and manage difficult people and situations, be flexible to challenges, and be technically and legally assertive with institutionalised barriers.



Business "re-planning"

Sales and Revenue – Techniques vs Experiential Empathy

A scientifically documented methodology for professionals who have not had any specific training in the planning and following up of a business plan. Correctional action for a flexible business that maintains "live" targets.

- Be in control of your business
- Learn how to recognise potential "domino effects"
- Create opportunities from the required changes to your initial planning

By completing this session you will be able to calmly, realistically and positively exploit the unpredictable opportunities that may change your initial plan. Keep your business under control and make the best out of the unforeseeable economic environment.



Sustainable growth with minimal risk

Discipline – Security - Creation

Your enterprise is like a little child that keeps claiming his/her parent's attention, yours.

The "parent" entrepreneur, in order to sustainably ensure growth, needs to input know-how, love, management, targets and attention on top of capitals.
- Leadership characteristics
- Leadership and a methodology for managing human resources and situations
- Communicate and act like a leader

By completing this last session you have developed the necessary skills and acquired the necessary know-how to make every financial or quality target easily achievable.
You are now ready to face every challenge that has until now stood as a barrier to achievement, in human resources management, difficult situations, communication and quality of life.


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