Who can work for the αriston project?

Whoever has been certified by the αriston project as a professional, as well as a hyphen accredited specialist. The same requirement stands for licensed development consultants in a zone or available area.


Who can guarantee that my participation is going to be a successful one?

Only you. The αriston project guarantees ongoing encouragement for the application of its principles, as well as support in the economic environment within which your activity takes place. However, your success depends mainly on your conscious commitment to the project.


Who is the licensed authority of the αriston project in my area?

The licensed authority in every country may differ and this is mentioned on the website of each market. For Greece and the areas it represents, the licensed authority is Hyphen S.A.


Who does the αriston project really concern?

Any active or would be active professional and/or entrepreneur, who wishes to acquire substantial competitive advantages of excellence. Also, any entrepreneur or professional who wishes to co-operate and interact with healthy active forces of the market and recognise their added value. Common ground for all participants is that, regardless of the degree of correctness in their practices up to the point of participation, they have all shown expressed will and interest to break the vicious circles of the market and develop resistance.


Who trains?

In every session the facilitator will be your development consultant. There will be live presentations by members of the αriston scientific team and the founder of the project, Yannis Stergis. Live presentations will be supported by information sheets, activities and systematic practice which will be co-ordinated by your development consultant.


Who else in my business can participate, apart from me?

All active professionals or executives, whoever you judge will benefit, and in turn your business will benefit. Regarding this issue specifically, you will have thorough and transparent guidance from your development consultant.


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