Where do the training sessions and support services take place?

The training sessions take place at a standard venue in your area once a month. Other support services are offered in your own professional environment or another appropriate venue agreed between you and your development consultant. However, almost 70% of the programme is carried out electronically, through both group and individual delivery, thus giving you a large amount of time and space flexibility.


Where can I find more information about the success stories on this website or further experiences from other participants/clients?

Your development consultant has all the answers for you or he/she is in responsible for researching them. He/she can contact other participants and get their approval for you to contact them directly.


Where can I find available HR that have been accredited by the αriston project?

Your development consultant can provide you with a list of available accredited HR. Alternatively, you have access to accredited professionals through the networking function of your account on the "my αriston project" page.


Where are the αriston project accreditation certificates recognised?

The list of businesses and markets grows slowly but steadily internationally. An up-to-date list will appear on your account page "my αriston project" at all times. No need to mention that accredited companies themselves first recognise the certification, but accreditation is not a requirement for affiliation.


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