When do training sessions take place?

Training sessions take place twice a month, over a period of six months. However, the training programme is a continuous process incorporating ongoing communication, meetings, and electronic practice sessions throughout the whole month; in a way that does not disrupt your every day working reality.


When did training sessions and the programmes start?

In their current form they started in 2011. However, every single item of training, programme, service and support component has been delivered professionally to hundreds of clients over the past eight years.


When can I start?

As long as there is an active course in your area, you can start at any time, since the programme functions in continuous six-month cycles. You can join any theme and session for the first time and finish with the session before the one you started with. Regarding all the other services and support, you can start now.


When will I start if I apply today?

An accepted application is the one that has been appropriately completed with its financial terms met. From the moment your application has been accepted you should consider yourself "started" with all the necessary material and support you require.


When can I apply for evaluation and accreditation?

In theory, any time. However, as no one has money to waste, it is in your best interest to consult your development consultant, proceed with the online self-assessment session, correctional actions and/or training, and only when you are ready to move onto the accreditation phase.


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