how much?

How much more will I have to spend on top of my training for implementation and correctional action?

This totally depends on the level of preparedness of your business or activity, as well as the programme you have chosen, as some enhanced programmes are all-inclusive. Individual services cost by the hour and are based on the published price list of your area and the discount policy you have bought. Do not forget that part of the programme is concerned with designing the plan in a way that will ensure that your investment is made up for at the planning stage.


How much time will I have to invest during the month between two training sessions for further e-learning sessions and support activities?

The electronic training is both group and individual, so it is really flexible. It really depends on how ready you are. Our observations have shown that average time requirements do not exceed 5 hours per week, while many of the activities take place during real work time.


How much extra cost, apart from the αriston project costs, will I have to budget for?

The majority of the actions you will be expected to account for relate to changes of practice and/or methodology, using means and tools you already possess. There are of course extreme cases, i.e. if you don't already have a computer or an Internet connection.


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