How do I control the ROI of my investment in the αriston project measurably?

This by itself comprises one of the top experiential tasks of the programme. You will not have to do this by yourself. You will have the support of your trainers, your development consultant and the rest of the participants. But remember, one of the first "accreditations" of the programme is that you comprehend and implement the principles of the αriston project.


How do I get from theory to practice?

Getting from theory to practice is one more of the basic experiential tasks of the programme. After each training session and for a full month, you practice the implementation of acquired knowledge and techniques in your own professional reality, under the guidance of your development consultant. Your next training session will depend on the results of this practice. Then, depending on the programme you have purchased, you have the opportunity to review your everyday practice through controls, assessment and correctional action with the assistance of your development consultant for a full year.


How might I be treated by the other participants or my trainers regarding the non-correct practices of mine up to now or even my ignorance about things that others may consider as self-explanatory?

More or less, most participants are there for the same or similar reasons. On top of that, the training programme itself is designed so that each and every participant processes his/her own data, ideas and practices privately. Whatever you learn, unlearn and relearn you can share if and as you wish.


How will I transfer the newly acquired knowledge to my business and/or my clientele?

Not only will you learn how to transfer knowledge to the benefit of you and your business, but also you will learn, in depth, which knowledge to transfer, under which conditions, using what methodology and what those benefits will be.


How will I learn to use the electronic tools for the e-learning sessions that complement the training?

If you have a computer and an Internet connection, which are the main pre-requisites for your participation, all the rest is easy, automated and with very clear guidelines during your training. No needs for special software.


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