assessment and accreditation

While the initial self-check is part of the planning of every dynamic project, the actual assessment phase comprises the fourth substantial phase of the "dynamic axis" (concept - planning - implementation - assessment - correctional action).

At this stage, you should already be in a position to measurably assess your progress in a more scientific manner. The αriston criteria are there to facilitate and standardize this process in a comprehensive way for the biggest part of the community that acknowledges the αriston project.

Following that, it is possible that an appointed committee, consisting of the founders of the αriston project, creates a reference map of your business at a given time, measurably and objectively, based on the αriston criteria, without any space for subjective interpretations.

The nature of this map itself is pretty different to all existing accreditation schemes in the market, in terms of it reflecting the nature of the business in a custom way, without compromising on objectivity and standardization parameters.

"The creator cannot be either the sole, or the best judge of his/her own creation"