Learn – Unlearn – Relearn

Alvin Toffler

All human functions and activities, even those that concern the viability of our species, refer to a training process that has "taught" us how to process and manage people and data. Whoever is part of the productive process, regardless of whether they've studied their profession, or their expertise is a product of experience, they are a "product of a training system".

It is, therefore, "normal" to stand on "common ground", that even when it is proved to be wrong, we find it hard to leave behind, as "this is what we've learned". It's high time, though, that we activate all our knowledge and consciousness to face the mistakes that keep repeating, either by us or by others in our environment that we depend on and realize that we have to "unlearn" and that we're able to "relearn". That we are able to create a new framework of reference for our business and its professionals, which will ensure our viability and success.

In this are you αriston? section you can control your knowledge and its applications, as a businessman or a self-employed professional. It is a graded criteria framework through which, by giving objective and measurable answers you can assess yourself as to how "αriston" you are, and what else you need to do become more.

This way you obtain access to the first reference base of what you can do for yourself so that you and your business can reach the highest αriston level.