the team

The concept behind the αriston project belongs to Yannis Stergis, co-founder, president and CEO of Hyphen S.A. It was 1996 when the project's development and implementation plan was first presented. It brought together a distinct team of scientists and analysts from various professional fields.

At the beginning of 2003, the foundation of Hyphen by Yannis Stergis and Emma Parker signified the first fully implemented business model of the project. In 2011 the αriston project turns outwards and acquires its own legal and organizational entity. Hyphen S.A. is the official and accredited authority of the αriston project in Greece.

The maturity of this plan coincided with the peak of the global economic crisis, something that justifies its raison d'être scientifically and ethically. The aim of the αriston project is the practical consolidation of the principles of measure and ROI in employment and entrepreneurship. Along with on-going support from its development consultants, it consist of developmental tools for a guaranteed solid educational and cultural framework, one so far missing from recent international economic models. This framework safely builds and guards the viability and further development of the small and medium-sized business, or any individual professional activity.