the solution

Inspired by the Common European Framework of Reference in Education (CEFR), we created a common framework of reference in professional and business practices. Each and every area of activity was treated as a framework of skills and every framework of skills was given its own criteria of performance. We made sure that these criteria apply with every organization or business, however big or small, whatever its structures, procedures and practices, anywhere on the globe.

A similar framework was created for individual professionals, regardless of the form of employment (self or fully employed). We initiated the management of the most phychologically damaging and costly expression of negligence in the 20th century; overlooking (or giving minimal importance to) the fact that the service provider, employee or vendor, is not just a technician or an expert, but above all a professional, with a distinct awareness of his/her cost to the client, his/her need for on-going training and development, and the fact that he/she is subject to a highly competitive environment, and, as a result of this awareness, is either productive or non-productive.

In a globalised job market with a surplus in human resources and a deficit in investment and consumption resources, competition grows immensely. So does, almost proportionally, the need for added value to the consumer or client.

This disturbed balance is countered by the αriston project with the one true competitive advantage; Professional Excellence, with a concrete form and function.