history - the problem

There is an "entrepreneurial school" that encourages developmental loans. It has been followed by many, but few accounted for the cost of a loan as a cost centre in their plan. There is a need for productive human resources. Few, though, have designed roles that actually serve the business plan. Instead, many have shaped organizational roles around specific human idiosyncrasies. On a different note, if taxation comprised a cost centre in one's professional or business plan, few would be tempted to evade it.

There would hardly be any productivity deficit, if professionals and employed executives treated their employer as their client. If accountants and legal advisors had the opportunity to run their client through what they manage in every detail, almost as medical doctors do upon treatment or preventive practice. If only professionals were aware and acknowledge their own responsibility towards the medium-term consequences of their choices.

Things would possibly be if all professionals, in every challenging circumstance, controlled the balance of their choices against their expectations. Even more so, if they invested in real know-how and not just in qualifications and certificates.